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    @runfrodorun and the difference is something like 10% at most. All this at half the price.
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    Pic looks like Zoidberg
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    It is intended to have similarity.
    *whoub whoub whoub*
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    Just waiting for ryzen + vega benchmarks.
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    Glad AMD has finally Ryzen from below finally
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    Really? Autistic screeching? Ffs, that's not even funny, that's stupid
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    @iam13islucky a wild Intel fanboy appears
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    @atomicTurtle eh, rather a big fan of not mocking people with mental illnesses they can't control. Using autistic or retarded for jokes isn't funny.
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    @iam13islucky indeed best not mock poor Intel
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    @iam13islucky lol yeah yeah

    We get it you are a model person!
    A true fighter against social injustice!
    A white knight!
    A defender of the something
    And champion of the something else
    A protector of the 'null pointer exception'
    And also overly sensitive and incapable of taking a joke.

    People do so love to get outraged at things nowadays lol
    So yeah we get it, you have done your job and masturbated your ego at having taught us a lesson , now walk away into the setting feeling good about yourself onwards to your next battle oh noble one.
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    I don't particularly care about AMD since traditionally they have always run much warmer in laptops compared to Intel and required more service from my previous years working in IT ships but.... I'm just happy there is competition again it only serves to help us the consumer no matter what team your on.
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    *chuckle* the screeching.
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