Haha 😂, actual code from 3rd party product we use:

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    Wow, just wow
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    Guaranteed random result all the time
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    When there's more things happening in the function declaration than in the function you know something is wrong
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    Care to name and shame?
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    @2lazy2debug beat me to it,

    that function is usually found inside debug code, the part of code using this function should at least be surrounded by #if DEBUG

    so that when the code is compiled for production that doesn't get included and certificate validate remains untouched
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    @2lazy2debug it is just for safety, cuz under pressure sometimes warnings get slipped away and go unnoticed
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    @2lazy2debug hahaha good point XD
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    @nzeetee would be fun, but their security overall is so bad they don't event use Auth on the server part. so I would not want too many eyes on them before we switch provider.
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    @raldo94 rofl. I thought it was good conscience, then realised it was good business!
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    Less 😂, more of a 😱
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    And then, there are instances that these happen due to laziness of enclosing statements under a block and copy pasting

    More: www.gotofail.com
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    @gitlog ah, remember that one 😋
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    Sometimes you find something like that in methods that *should* be overridden in stuff like abstract classes, but in this case that's just wrong.
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