Anyone interested to see mine and my wife’s culture & technology crossover performance/arts/music project?

The name is UDAGANuniverse. Udagan in Sakha (northeast Siberia) language toughly translates to ‘she shaman’. I met my wife while she was touring in Europe with a traditional Sakha group (I was touring Celtic trad music that time).

The project is incorporating all our interests, artforms and professional skills under a shamanistic aesthetic. Functional Programming, Live Coding and Machine Learning play a big part in my input and live performance role.

First episode of our newly launched podcast:

My personal articles — arts based and touching on functional programming + category theory:

I’ll be posting new articles more specifically on Coding and ML in performance in the next weeks.

If you’d like to see a little personal backstory (how we came to fuse performance with code/ML) check out this rant here:

Hope that you enjoy and please let us know any comments or feedback!

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    @Floydian Thanks! Saydyy Kuo (my wife, who I should certainly name!) carved the logo into lino then we scanned an ink stamp of it and digitised it.

    I also agree — she created a work of art there! It’s connected with Sakha mythology, which is a topic she recently published about in the ‘culture’ section of the website.
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    @Floydian you’re welcome to. Here’s a link to the larger wallpaper version which we use ourselves:
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    @Floydian Thought you might like this by the way:


    - That's a (very early) demonstration of our performing with code (TidalCycles syntax built on the Haskell language). It's actually really simplistic compared to what we do now, but cool to see it in action.

    The instrument Saydyy is playing at the start is an Electronic Khomus -- soviet engineering at it's most ingenious!! We just commissioned a new one actually, which is coming to us from Northeast Siberia and increases the scope of what we can do!

    There's a little more info on that here:

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