Just a regular software engineer...

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    What about a dark theme? Lol
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    @Puroguramingu first thing I did with my company issued laptop was removing the damn stickers 😋
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    What’s our default IDE supposed to be?
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    @Plasticnova probably the recommended IDE in the company.
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    The company has a default and doesn't allow choice?

    My company issued laptop won't be vandalised by my stickers nor will my office be subjected to the sound of my mechanical keyboard. Only my bedroom should hear the mechanical sound.

    In an open office of 50+, the sound of one mechanical keyboard that isn't yours is annoying, two is not tolerable, 3+ is...?
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    I call this living off the land, making do with what you have, etc. When I first got into computing I'd customise everything to high heaven. After a while you realise that becomes a huge burden and anchors you. You end up wallowing in your own maintenance nightmare and technical debt.

    It's also important to make the best of what you have before moving on to other things where reasonably possible. You don't ask for a 50 core monstrosity when you've not been able to get the most out of 1 or two cores.

    Over time you end up just doing the few small things that make a difference or at least wait until you're settled in to start building a devfort.

    When I see people sit down in front of the shell to a new server to setup and the first thing they do within the first give minutes is to make the prompt into some kind of technicolour tellytubby massacre I cringe.
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    @Plasticnova I think the default IDE is Vim, with syntax highlighting off? And definitely on a MacBook Pro so ESC is hidden on the touch bar.
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    @ganey imma let calling vim an IDE slide, because I’d rather address how apple made a big deal about bringing back the escape key. Honestly didn’t know they nixed it to begin with, so I was all kinds of confused. Who thought moving it was a good idea, and how can I avoid people like that? lol
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    @ganey yes. Why is it that MBP hide the escape key... This is not what God intended.
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    Personally, I'd love a combination of vscode with vs and some atom.
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    If you're wearing hoodies all the time it means your machine isn't working hard enough and temps are too low. I heat my whole condo using Clang.
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    Just gotta say Joma and TechLead are very scummy when it comes to their business.
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