This was during the first day of my first real dev job, straight out of college. I didn’t have have much experience with version control since I did mostly solo projects in college, and I wasn’t exposed to SVN or Git in school at all.

One of the senior devs was going to give me and another new guy a brief overview of the codebase. He sets us up with the GitHub repo for the codebase and tells us to clone the codebase locally. I didn’t really know what this meant but I felt kind of embarrassed to ask, so I just clicked “download as zip” on The GitHub repo.

After a minute he saw what I had done and was like “yeah, that’s not what you want to do” and showed me how to clone it. I was kind of embarrassed but I learned Git pretty quickly after that.

I don’t really have a moral to this story except that “no question is a stupid one” is much easier said than done for many people, and it can be embarrassing to ask certain questions sometimes.

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    @Alice Haha, yes! Like a little kid trying to steal candy!

    Completely agree with the last sentence: Better be stupid five minutes than staying it for the rest of one's life.
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    @Alice :o The little noises make it all better!

    @Paramite Did you have a little "panic moment" right after he told you? :D
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    This was mostly the way I dodged through the difficult parts in the college days.

    People still considered me smart because of the initial impression I had set 😌
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    Oh, it's dfox 😃
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    I'm the kind of guy to search the solution for 2 to 3 hours even its not important but when my backend dev told me about git I don't even knew what it suppose to do and asked him to help me configure this.
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    if you think there are no stupid questions you don't know stackoverflow 😪, I can't ask almost nothing there!
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    @kreijstal True, but everyone have to ask a question without being insulted even it is an "idiot" question.
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    Google: "GitHub clone codebase" before carrying on with work
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