Achieved a 2:2 in computer science and graduating (got interviews with for some jobs). I have some sits in some modules, which could change my grade to a 2:1.

From a company point of view, is it worth going for the 2:1? Will it open more jobs / better salary straight away? Or shall I go for the first job offered with the 2:2 I got.

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    Is the job something that you would like doing? Then go for it.

    Companies don't care that much about a 2:2 vs a 2:1. Even when you look for another job in the future, they prefer people with practical experience over people with high university grades.
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    What does these grades even mean?
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    @thealex I would probably be doing web development and then switching around to see what else there is. But if companies don't really care about the difference in grade wise for the first Job, then thanks very much !
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    @They tfw I see “They mentioned you in a comment” haha

    Yeah a lot of the time companies even provide training for the job. If you already have an offer that you like, just go for it. Practical job experience is more valuable in the long run.
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    @BigBoo No clue either. This is my comment so I get notified.
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    UK grading system

    Goes something like 1st class
    Then 2:1
    Then 2:2

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    @balheru Bless you.
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