I don't understand people who watch football at all... Yesterday at around 4pm France time, France was playing against Denmark I think, so my boss had the brilliant idea of making some kind of party so everyone in the company would watch that. He brought beer, make up, food and so on.

Guess what, pretty much all my coworkers stopped working on their programming projects and went to watch it, I was the only one who stayed in my office and worked on my project, yeah, i'd rather finish my PHP project than watch a bunch of brainlets running after a ball.

Boss was nice enough to bring me a drink though lol

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    @lithorus oof I got roasted
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    Zero interest in football.

    Bad experience with kicks and balls I guess.. xD
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    Should've probably done that with Belgium-Panama, but hey, my project was finished anyway. :x
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    What's not to understand? Do you have a favourite TV show? Is there anyone who doesn't like your TV show? There are people with different taste in shows, sports, food, and yes, programming languages. Try to stay open minded. On a side note, it was a very booring match.
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    Good for your boss. It's always a smart move:

    Everybody would probably following the match online anyways, hiding and not fully working.

    This way everybody follows the match BUT have a good time which ultimately is always appreciated at work and boss earns a few ++s from coworkers
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    Lol, the same happened in my office. I was quite surprised and my coworker told me that in France it's common for people to even leave early just to watch important matches in a bar. xD
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    plot twist: boss knew he was not interested in football. so he made this master plan to isolate him; and then go get beer and give it to him personally!
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    I'm also really not interested in football, but that's a really bitter attitude to have.
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    Skills, high end competition and the motivation to be the best in the world seems like a recipee for beauty.

    A bit like naruto wanting to be a hokage.
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    It's healthy to act like a child sometimes; or outside your comfort-zone. Not to mention the physical aspects and benefits of playing a sport, even if some refer to it as foolsball
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    @gsn16 I don't think @mirro is a him 😋
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    @Root oopsie. thanks!
    and sorry @mirro 😬
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    Hm. I don't understand you:) I like football and often watch matches. If it is interesting for me, why I can't watch matches even at night? I can say that I also read all news and follow scores via https://soccerbetszone.com/scores/ because sometimes I don't have possibility to watch matches in live.
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