Me: Ahh great I almost finished the university project. One week until deadline. No Problem.
Professor: Oh Please implement this, this and this feature too. Its a little bit tricky but possible.

Can't this guy hand out all the requirements at the start of the semester ???

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    Sorry to hear that...come on, be strong, you will do it great!!
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    thx. I know I will but its just stressful if you have thousand more things to do. Right now my wife and me are renovating our house. I have a job and I also like the social aspects of my life. :D Would be great if a day has 48 hours for the next week.
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    I'm tempted to tell the fucker what my hourly rate is and ask if he still wants x, y and z features. I mean that's honestly how it works, actually.
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    He's just simulating working life getting you prepared
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