Hey this is the first time i post here.

I just started working part-time for this company last week. What i have to do is to change some windows from Win32 to WPF. As i was reading the legacy code i just had to sigh man. They have like 100 projects in a single solution, from C++ to C#, everything acctached to each other, with almost NO comments or docs. Wtf man? I don't know how it actually works in the industry (this is my first dev job) but when you write fucking 20 classes with each one contains bunch of attributes, methods, properties, you can't just leave all the code's semantics in their names. And by the way the app is so fucking ugly i bet they have appointed part-time developers as UX engineers... Even i have little knowledge about UX/UI, i just can't bear with this kind of ugly and confusing and unintuitive production with a cost of a good photo editting software.

Ok there may be much more to rant in the future but let me try through this and tell you more. Have a good day. :)

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    Welcome and good luck 😉
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    Ill give you a classic:
    May the source be with you
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    Most clients dont give a fuck about the ui as long as it is usable to them.

    That is my experience with MFC applications.
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    @tomahawxer first i have to be clear that this app is at least for me not considered usable because the UI is very confusing, like you just don't know where to start with it cause you see too many things at once.

    Second, as a developer I personally feel offended whenever I see an app with shit UI because it makes me feel that the developer/conpany behind it just don't care about the product they make. I think this can be called work ethic.
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    I think you see this mostly when there is no real designer involved. As a programmer we are concerned with our logical pieces and dont see the whole picture. But as mentioned before, my experience is that the client is firstly happy with a running solution, albeit not e pretty one.
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