THIS is a good BIOS. I just got this thinkpad (since the screen in the one I had broke) and I was like "I'm going to use always fn as ctrl" and I see this. Thank you thinkpad

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    Wow, I've never even thought that the bios might have something like this. Nice.
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    Nah, I use minimum 3 different keyboards every day. The majority of the have the spanish layout but my mechanical kb has the US layout. My brain is constantly swapping of layouts, so more chaos can't be good
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    Hmm, then I'll try. @AlpineLinnix
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    The ‘B’ sticker is bugging me :/
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    Once you go Capslock, you never go back. If you can also make a Capslock tap = Esc, all the better.
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    I hate keyboards with a Fn key, more than I hate those media-button-ridden, space-ship-dashboard like junks.

    Fuck the one you have in particular and the idiot that had the idea of putting it where CTRL resides on a sane keyboard. Fucking intellectual premature ejaculation right there! Father fucking fuck! The fucking horror!

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    Dells XPS have a similar gem.

    They allow you to configure how the Fn key acts.
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    HP has it, too
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    This is on a lot of laptops! Meanwhile, mine has a fn lock key, like capslock but for the fn keys, which is super nice.
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    @Drewtato FnLk is on the Esc key.
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    I also have a ThinkPad with the same layout and I have to agree — once you get the hang of it, the Fn and Ctrl keys are perfect placed. I wouldn’t swap them.

    In fact, I love the keyboard on this thing!
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    Most thinkpads have this, and the ones who don't support it, there are modded bios to fix them :)
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