I started working officially, schedule is shitty till now. I hope it improves soon.
Maybe I will be able to properly rant from now on.

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    What's the position?
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    @BigBoo senior tech associate I don't know what the fuck that means
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    @drekhi12 Neither do I haha. Sounds fancy. But is it just one of those titles that sounds fancy so your company can charge more for your time?
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    @BigBoo I don't know but the timing have been pretty chill till now. Max 9hr per day.
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    @drekhi12 I see, what is your responsibility?
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    @BigBoo drinking free coffee for now , plus reading their rules and regulations and a bit of technical training in .net
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    @drekhi12 I see. Chill chill. Hopefully everything goes well!

    I wish you the best of luck. 🎊🎉
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    @BigBoo thanks man
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