Me: *codes with a dark green-black color scheme in Sublime Text*
Person nearby: "h-hey dude, are you hacking right now?"
Me: "Yep, right now I'm making a script that's going to let me eavesdrop on governments and then I'm going to leak everything to WikiLeaks for the sake of overthrowing governments and waking everyone up."
Person nearby: "Jesus Christ dude, for real?"
Me: "nah i'm just messing with ya"

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    @Alice I'm not worried, just fooled around. I specified what exactly I was doing later and I even offered them to teach them a thing or two.
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    There's a fine line with things like this you can joke about.

    It's kinda like running through an airport screaming "I have a bomb."

    Ok not that extreme. More like walking through an airport loudly talking about blowing planes up. If the wrong person hears it and calls the cops, you're getting arrested lol
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    *They then later apologized, shortly before the doors blew down, that they had called the police 20min ago and homeland security had been dispatched along with SWAT unit.*
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    @livid still, you won’t believe the amount of idiots a random person could have, and they could do something unexpected
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    I remember way back in high school when I was the tech intern, people always thought I was going around hacking the online grading system to change grades. I jokingly said "oh yeah I'm changin em right now, how's $20 for an A sound?" Someone told and tried to give an ISS for 2 days. Took a week of fighting to finally get that taken back.
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    Hey be careful whenever u make these kind of jokes bcoz these days even though if people nearby u over hears then the joke will be spread as rumour then u know what happens 😜ðŸĪŠ
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    I read a post on Reddit a week or two ago in TIFU where a guy set his Wi-Fi hotspot to 'Bomb Detonator' at a conference with hundreds of people and actually caused a big ruckus and then his job fired him.

    Security, swat, everything. He thought Poe's Law would save him.
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    @devTea I pretty much knew the individual and I even explained that if I actually did that I wouldn't do it in a public place and be completely chill about it.

    I also offered them to teach them something, because y'know, most people start looking so happy as soon as they print something in a console window in Python. They all go like, "wow, that's so easy!"
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    @sachin4191 I've had a rumor like that spread about me once in a completely irrelevant scenario.

    I just started being extremely sarcastic to the 2 people who asked me about it and called them "idiots" for implying that I actually hacked in a school's power system and caused a power outage (I don't even know how that happened either) and they stopped. Fair point though. Wouldn't want that to happen again. It was just a silly story lol
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    @AlexDeLarge The problem is that joking often looks an awful lot like being serious, with non-zero overlap between the two. While there should be freedom of expression, there should also be wisdom and responsibility to understand that people don't have a direct line to your thought process and might not be able to tell if you are joking. People are different, and not everything is obvious to everyone.

    Some topics are too serious to joke about in public. Yes, this is a case of a few people making it so we can't have nice things, but the way to restore the proper order of things is not to recklessly make the jokes anyway. That doesn't give you a platform to educate people, it makes you look like a stupid person. It's a shame, but the only practical way out is careful education of the populace.

    This is not necessarily directed at your viewpoint per second but at its presentation. I want to avoid expressing it in a way that might be interpreted as encouraging recklessness.
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    @powerfulparadox I once held a 30 minute conversation on how it'd be possible to have a second Holocaust for dumbasses, I agree with him. But considering I was laughing the entire time (my friends were too) I'd say it was blatantly obvious we were joking. And if someone couldn't tell we were joking, well we know what we would do to them 😂😂ðŸĪ·ðŸŧ‍♂ïļ
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    @Stuxnet Context matters. I might not have said that explicitly, but I consider that includes under wisdom and responsibility. There are times and places where these things are actually okay. Advocating that we should have a right to joke about anything anywhere needs a caveat that until the public is better educated about not overreacting to things, it might be wise to be careful and check the situational context.
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