1. Forgot my password.
2. Clicked "Forgot" password button.
3. Received my forgotten password as plain text in my email

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    "Here at XXXX we take security really seriously."

    Also XXXX:
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    I keep seeing lots of rants like this, yet I've never experienced it. What kind of sites do you people even sign up for?
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    security in its easiest form. :D
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    @Michelle I've only ever dealt with this once: I was trying to order Chinese food and the place didn't process credit cards, but you could order online through a food ordering service. I think it's called beyondmenu. They support many different restaurants in many different places.

    So the site processes credit cards. And also does this. And if that doesn't make you want to hit forgot password on every site you've ever used a credit card, then your not easily frightened like I am.
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    @TAABAP Step 4: Closed account?
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    Very convenient.
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    @Jameslikestea Step 5. Be amazed if they actually delete your data.
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