Any suggestions/experiences before i purchase a Macbook Pro 2017???

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    @JS96 Any specific reason?
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    @rahul you can get better hw for less, and if you really need a Macbook Pro, why the latest and most expensive model?

    Ofc this is just my opinion. ;)
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    Wait till next update (with 4/6 core cpu) or take the bottom line model (without touchbar).
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    I hate the lack of ports
    But that retina display ... damn
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    @njpugh90 Mostly for Android and iOS development.
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    @Artemix hmm idk about overheating
    I know that is fanless and quiet wich i expected to get hot
    But my friends who have macbook complain that is cold because of its metal frame
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    Not sure if they come in 8GB RAM, but make sure you get it at least with 16GB RAM (32GB would be better if budget is not a concern), since you need to do iOS stuff, just go for it.

    else I wouldn't recommend it because its over priced. and that thing can run a vm if you ever wanted linux
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    I really like mine. Have one with fans so it doesnt get to hot.
    I like the terminal and compatibility with a lot out of the box. I would recommend it, but take a look at ebay or alike. There are sometimes really great offers.
    I also like the touchpad a lot. Keyboard is ok i guess, mostly use an external one anyways.
    And never forget, brew is your frind!
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    @gitpush Strangely 16GB the max you can get.
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    @rahul you get more but custom built. And would cost around 600$ extra, and I just remembered that lol
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    @Artemix definitely you’ve got something wrong. Sure, macbooks do overheat, but mostly in specific situations or placement. Never (in last 12 years, since I got my first mac) heard my mac fans on screensaver ;)
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    @Artemix so it looks like all of you are doing something wrong ;) Maybe it’s because of some app you’re using?
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    @kgbemployee keyboard IS serviceable and broken keys (or whole top case) are replaced for free in new macbooks.
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    I use a MacBook pro right now, and here is what I think...
    If you are not buying the MacBook for designing stuff, no need for the 2016 and above models (or basically, the ones that have the touch bar). It's definitely a personal preference but I think it is pretty bad to use.

    The macos is great really! But I find it very boring and limiting. I like window managers and stuff like that. The OS itself takes 3-6 Gigs of RAM on my system (I have 16 gigs RAM model).

    Overall, I'd say macbook is great hardware and software, albeit limited and binding one.
    And for me, 2015 MacBook pro is the best and u can find it pretty cheap now 😉
    Good luck! 😊
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    I don't know whether or not it's applicable to your use case. But they are silent in a bad way.

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    @dontbeevil i'll check it out
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    Buy a thinkpad
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