Quickie... :D
I'm competent at back end (in Java) but need to whip up a Web front end. Aim is a simple but beautiful UI for admin settings and basic stuff like that, but might extend to some visuals for graphs etc.

Back end already exposes a RESTful API (JAX-RS).

Question is, should I be looking into serverlets and Javascript? I've used Bootstrap a little (and will probably use this)?

Given that there appears to be about a million front end frameworks, where would you suggest I head given the use case above?

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    I had the same problem, vuejs was simple enough to use
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    @sharktits thanks buddy. Should I be thinking about my page just calling the API end points I already have, or should I be using serverlets do you think?
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    @nzeetee honestly, calling endpoints is way simpler if you use a good frontend template engine
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    @sharktits by templating engine, we're talking Angular, React etc yes?
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    Well i was thinking vue, but yeah
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    I've used Vue in a big project recently and it's quite flexible, you can really get it to work however you want. Would recommend.
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    Thanks. Now, stupid question (showing I don't understand what makes up a front end 'stack') would I still look to use bootstrap with these for styling?
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