I don't understand why people use Float in CSS. I love to use Flexbox I think I use them too even.

For example:

I want to write some text.. Flexbox

I want to add a image and some text below... Hum Flexbox!!

So I can consider myself a Flexbox.

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    Back in my day, we didn't have no fancy flexbox. We had floats. The closest thing we had to flexbox was using a table for layout. We floated everything and we liked it! Kids these days and their new fangled animations and layout systems.
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    @deadPix3l I understand your point of view. I don't bitch the veterans who use float but I don't understand why a lot of college teach this in 2018. I don't go to college for this reason, they teach old things and in the web world things go fast and colleges cannot follow so why I will pay for something obsolete.
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    @DLMousey Probably. But Flexbox are compatibles on all browsers since 2 years (or more). So they need to update their courses!
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    @DLMousey Yea, I don't even understand clients who want compatibility for the versions below IE 10 which is pretty old.
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    @DLMousey But even if it's just IE who need float we can use flexbox for the others browsers
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    Do you ever use flexbox to flex on those float ni🅱🅱as
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    @yatanvesh Why I would do that.
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    Ignore that its just a meme format. Im too lazy to get d orig reference
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    @Squarety no I get it, I was just screwing with you! As soon as I learned flexbox, I dumped everything I knew about CSS and started over. It's a miracle technology. But some people haven't learned it yet sadly. And some people haven't touched their CSS in a decade.
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    @deadPix3l CSS is just a beautiful Markup Language :P And with Flexboxes it's magic. My back-end dev learn to use float in a college (it will be his second year.) named Collège Bois-de-Boulogne in Montreal City and it's the same with our College in my city Rimouski, it's float and they learn Delphi yah Delphi lol. This is the main reason I decided to learn myself.
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    @Squarety That's delphinetely worth some float logic.
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    @xewl This is a funny one! XD
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    I think I still needed it to float top navbar items to left when there is company logo (or I could just break it into 2 and flex the items to right, this legit just came to my mind)
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    @Squarety yea some people just don't like letting things die. A company who contracts for us tried to sell us a project " oh you're gunna love it! It's so fast and it's in lisp and it's great! Isn't lisp the best?!"

    So of course we bought it!!! Yay!
    Last I head the guy who wrote it was fired but we're still stuck with it. In lisp. *Sigh*
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