Teaching 7-8 year olds the basics of web design. We're we're playing with CSS and changing colours of block elements and text. One girl put up her hand, completely confused as to why it wasn't working. Her code:

Section {
Background-color: rainbow;

Oh the wonderful mind of children

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    That's so cute! :D
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    Very cool! We can learn a lot from children.
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    Teach her gradients then!
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    @Kimmax along with sass variables. Mind blown!
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    @Sauruz make each different section of the site a different color. Problem solved 😎 lol
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    CSS should have a rainbow colour:p
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    @Sauruz I agree, css is wrong
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    Feature request for CSS4 implementation
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    This is the most adorable thing I've seen today.
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    This is the cutest thing I've ever heard. 🤗😍
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    @nuhaf are you a teacher or how did you start teaching kids the basics of programming? Great thing! :)
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    @OrangeClyde no, I'm not a teacher. I volunteer at my sons first school for a couple of hours a week, after I learned how poor the teaching of tech is due to lack of staff training and investment.

    One of the fondest memories I have of my dad (RIP) was when he came into my school to talk about his profession and the process, he was a lithographer / printer and helped us print our school graphic design project. I kind of want my son to have a similarly fond memory :)
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    @nuhaf that's a really great intention!!

    I guess it must be a brilliant experience to see programming with children's eyes as well as I think programming is a perfect toy for children to play around with!

    The challenge is to prepare the basics appropriate for children.. Have you sorted this out completely on your own or do you maybe have any recommendations regarding books or other readings on how to teach programming kid-friendly?

    Probably needless to say, but I really think about looking for a similar opportunity! Sounds great! :)
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    @OrangeClyde the school bought an ICT syllabus but had no idea how to deliver it. I had already been thinking about and mapping out my own "apprentice" syllabus, albeit for older children / students. We're starting with HTML, CSS this term, but I hope to cover a range of topics.

    I combined the approved curriculum with my own style of delivery. The kids seem to love it, but interestingly I've had many requests from teachers and parents to do some grown ups classes in our little village.

    All that said, I've talked tech at large conferences to thousands of people. I have never been more nervous than walking in to talk to a class of 7-8 year olds... but they are very sweet and massively enthusiastic, the time just flies by...
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    And now kids for the next challenge lets vertical center that div without using flexbox.
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    @cahva haha you know it, I did 10 minutes on CSS position property and realised I was losing the room... tough crowd
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    @nuhaf would you mind recording yourself and uploading it somewhere?
    I would love to hear some reference for teaching my class the very basics of programming and have no clue how to start.
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    Upgrade this young lady to sass and let her use a god damn rainbow for heaven's sake! You monster!
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    She is so innocence ! XD
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    Rainbow is white with extra steps
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    @cahva You made my evening with that comment 😂
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    horizontal (nyan-cat-like) or vertical (striped) rainbow?
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    so cute
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    If you're looking for additional resources to enhance your web design lessons for young children, I recommend checking out Claspo's age gate templates. They offer a variety of age-appropriate templates that can be used as interactive teaching tools. You can find them at https://claspo.io/templates/.... These templates will not only add a fun element to your lessons but also reinforce important concepts like color selection and CSS styling. Keep up the fantastic work of inspiring the next generation of web designers!
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    Ah, the innocence and curiosity of young minds! It's incredible how children at such a young age are already dipping their toes into the world of web design. I can only imagine the joy and excitement they must feel when they see their creations come to life on the screen. Exploring CSS and experimenting with colors is a great way to introduce them to the basics of web design. It's important to foster their creativity and encourage them to ask questions. Who knows, maybe one of these children will become a future web design prodigy!
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