Hm. Hm. I see what you did there, Microsoft.

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    Minutes to Seconds, with more informations I will believe this otherwise, it's probably only a few seconds in the minutes it takes you save.

    If it's really Microsoft who build that it is probably true.

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    @Squarety I'm just talking about ads. I kinda like that fact. Have you seen github ads before they were bought?
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    @BambuSource A few yea but it's normal, it is Microsoft, this is a big business they need to advertise the product they just bought and make it viewable to the public. ;)
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    @Squarety funny how the pic has a mac tho
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    @BambuSource I can confirm this is not from Microsoft, it's a third-party business as you can see on the picture I've joint to this comment. So, yea if it would really be a microsoft ad with a mac it would be a big fail but I think Microsoft know what they are doing.

    Sorry for the Yellow overlay it's my blue screen filter ;P
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