TIL that Debian package names are not allowed to have underscores in their names. Toast my tomatoes. As if file name conventions, like discouraging colons, would not be enough, you just added another useless bit of entropy to all the clusterfuck information just because you established a naming scheme yourself where you delimited the versions and date with an underscore from the package name.

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    What is wrong with you? Those are not allowed because of compatibility and as far as naming is concerned, its pretty good, you always get versions and architecture with Debian file at build time, it makes your package manager's life easier
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    @py2js It's just the arbitrariness that's clogging everything. Sure an underscore is kind of "natural", but they could have taken any ASCII, except maybe a null termination like Linux abstract namespace sockets! I mean most of the time I don't even recognize that turmoil of historically grown shit pile complexity, but feel like a fish in the water, because I'm just so accustomed to all the stupid rules...

    But sometimes I just can't stand it anymore.
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