Linux destro guide for n00bs.

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    ++ Manjaro has worked like a charm as a dev enviroment for me.
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    It's sad Fedora is there only as for Business person or Mint user. It's one of the most beautiful distro I have seen, especially on really big displays. (at least f8 - f11)
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    fedora should be where ubunutu is and RHEL for business person
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    [Graphic Designer] -> cry and go back to mac/win
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    @KeyWeeUsr Fedora is also in the box in the bottom row, second from the left, it's classified as being similar Linux Mint.
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    Where is Slackware?
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    @felipechalreo hobbyist geek that has tried Arch
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    Wow this thing is amazingly accurate 😮
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    Trying to grow a beard ---> LinuxFromScratch .
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    Some questions should lead back to windows/mac, indeed.
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    If directx11 was ever properly working for WINE the Affinity Design and Affinity Photo apps would work. It would bring this designer closer to just using linux.
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    Funny how graphic designer is the same as normal user with no Linux experience 😆
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    Ubuntu Mate. Works for me.
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