I think I figured out why so many companies jumped on board the Agile approach. Companies heard Productivity Bonus and Put Stuff into a List Of Things to Do, and left out all the rest of their responsibilities. One of my past companies was like "We're going to take an Agile approach to everything! Except, we're not going to shield developers from everyone who has stuff in the backlog, and we're going to have other meetings during the day on top of the scrum meetings to check on your progress, and we're going to measure points in time instead of complexity".

I feel like the creators of the Agile Manifesto would be really upset at all of the poorly implemented processes. Because all of us developers are pretty upset.

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    I wish I could give you more than 1 ++...
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    the agile manifesto are actually upset by the way their ideas where abominated , I am sorry as I forgot the author's name but look for "GOTO conferences" on youtube there's a talk given by one of the author there.
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    @skonteam I was just about to remark upon the same thing!

    Is this the video you meant: https://youtu.be/a-BOSpxYJ9M

    Cos I agree, I mean to call it agile development isn't even correct. The guy says it's called "a manifesto for agile software development" and that all this stuff that's sprung up around it is counter to its entire point.
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    Totally agreed ! I fuckin hate this Agile ..only client is happy and dev is a stupid idiot working his ass off to complete stories(8/13 Sp's) in sprint cycle(2 weeks)
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    @nmunro yes that is it thank you for posting it.
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    read dark scrum that totally describes this
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