Created my first stack overflow post for an issue I'm having. Now I wait to be told my question is stupid.

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    Provide a link and I'll expedite the process. Or maybe I'll try help by upvoting, editing and commenting. Let's make SO great again!
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    Update: already being roasted for something that's not the issue at hand.
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    I have now idea about php but I think you forgot to close your file after your for loop.
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    Edited, upvoting and tried to help a little (not a PHP development though)
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    Would like to help but have no idea about files reading in php
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    If you ever need help from SO, you gotta structure your question with something like, “PHP is the worst language! I can’t even do <insert question here>! Screw this, Node JS is the future anyways!”

    You’ll get the whole world rushing to answer your question in a heartbeat.

    If you’re really meta, you should make an alt account and incorrectly answer your own question. The response time for someone to correct you is even faster than someone defending their favorite language xD.
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    Your question is stupid.

    You're welcome.


    EDIT: on a sidenote, have you tried adding like extra linebreaks somewhere inside the function between the lines to see if that increases the whitespace.
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    Update: Solved it by myself, hatred for PHP grows.
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    @Dimmerworld post the solution, you might help someone else
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    On stack overflow your question is either stupid or a duplicate
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    You didn't get roasted anywhere like I usually do.
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