just bought (rented) my first dedicated server, for flipping 10€/month. let's see how it goes! boy, am i excited for my new toy...

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    Right on! I've personally got 3 droplets running at the moment.

    Let us know how it goes? I think It would be interesting to follow the saga!
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    Good for you! Now get some domain name (.io for extra hipster points!) so you can have 100 subdomains and a bunch of services running on it!

    I usually have nginx as proxy and the something in and :8000 and :8080 linked to various subdomains in nginx. Fun stuff!
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    @benj Until now i was hosting on a VPS, so i'm already somewhat set up, but having a dedi is still different (i assume).

    @Rundle it's gonna take some days to set it up, apparently. once that's done, if i find anything worth ranting about, i may do so :)
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    @git-gud I rent two dedi’s and use them as virtualization servers ;D

    What did you get and where?
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    An old atom octa core from oneprovider. It really is the low end of dedicated servers, but so far it works like a charm. yes, the CPU is old and crappy, but it's about as powerful as the dual core VPS is had before - except that the 8 cores really help with the massive multitasking i'm doing there.
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