Me telling a senior dev on how to install a proprietary software:

Me: Sir, the instructions are in the readme.txt

Senior: I'm supposed to read the readme?!

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    you (in mind obviously): the fucking file is called READ ME. what else are you supposed to do with it. you fucking turd. now shove that file up your ass. in deep. go do your fucking job you moron.
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    @flag0 To be completely honest my mind was completely blank. I wouldn't read readme until unless I'm forced to do so. I know that's a bad thing. But can't resist to just double click and assume it will "just" work
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    @tahnik to be honest, that's my routine too these days. I don't open readme until it doesn't work but that's what you should do instead of going around asking people what to do like most people do.
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    @flag0 shove it up your ass and GAIN IT'S POWERRRRR
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