Hey Guys
So... I Have a question / rant / frustrated commenting to do...
been configuring my webserver and 2 p2p cameras to access from the outside, and for each click or change can take 1 to 5 minutes to implement...
And then, like 6 or 7 hours latter I notice that everytime the port wasn't associated, a small label in like size8 text shows that port is already in use...
And... Da FUCK??
I'm associating the ports myself... how can port 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, ... be In use?
I have my server in 80, WebDav e another non relevant port, and trying to find open ports for the p2p cams...
Fuck I'll just delete all that services that no one uses and are pre configured, like, emule? napster? FifaPC? WTF? I never played Fifa, don't like socker. KaZaA SERVER? WTF why does this shit comes pre-configured?
Btw I'm writing this while I wait for the router to finish every time :p

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    Are you sure your devices are not mining crypto currencies at the moment? 🤭

    If not... Well... Routers 😅

    @oudalally great suggestion!
    Once I had this piece of shit router that would just crash constantly in frequent intervals. Their own firmware didn't fix shit.
    I tried OpenWRT and it was awesome!
    How did I even forget that it existed 🙄
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    Well, can't change the router or the firmware...

    the router is the best the ISP provides (because I convinced my dad to argue a lot, since our old router couldn't give wi-fi more then 3 metters away)

    And because it's my father's I can't touch it, as it is a phone operator can enter our router and change settings if needed... I can change it by hand but my father will probably call and ask for assistance.

    Btw I also used it before , when I didn't even knew I could access the router settings :p
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    Port 99 is in conflit?
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    Found it...

    Why didn't I thought this sooner?

    use the fucking standart already defined ports, change the ports in the p2p cameras.... done...
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    ... Port in conflit....

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    Now found a port that Firefox won't allow to use, so I can't change it in the device... (or access the config)
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    guys, help?? I'm melting here...

    Associated the p2p camera to port 119...

    now no browser let me access the ip to that port for security reasons... so I can't change the port

    Edit: FUCK IT >> RESET

    done :p
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