To people who have done tech support:

Shoot me. Do you know what it is like to teach kids to use a mouse? Or even type in a keyboard? They don’t even know how to double click. Gotta call google chrome the circle of colors for them to understand. Some think the video that is giving the instructions is actually them doing it. So when it ends they are like alright done.

FYI: working in an internship currently where we teach kindergarten up until 5th graders from scratch to Minecraft modding. Btw it is an unpaid internship.

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    For a moment it sounded like you were working with seniors. 🤣🤣
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    They will grasp it all sooner than you expect ; that's how kids work
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    @starrynights89 Elders really start to be like children when they get older :(
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    @illegaldisease Not all of them mind you. My grandma's 83 and acts like she's 40.
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    @starrynights89 Wow she rocks ! She must be very strong mentally, i hope she will stay that way :)
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    Kindergarden? Why would kids in kindergarden need to learn how to use technology? Teach them to read, write, play, and have fun all together first. Let them be kids first.
    They'll have plenty of time to learn tech later on in life, and a whole lifetime to be plagued by it.
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    Great times! Enjoy! My first internship was like this back in 2002. And as if teaching how to use Netscape and how to play Prince of Persia wasnt enough, everyday I cleaned all the mech keyboards and rollerball mouses
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    @endor the problem is that the parents want to “encourage” them to do tech, so even though the ozobots they work with are meant for older than 6 or even as soon as 5 they bring their 4 year and a half soon who barely knows how to read to the summer camp.
    I agree with you.
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    Kids these days are only used to the comfort of touch-screen phone-like devices and that is not a good development, I think.
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    I’m both a tech support guy and a Linux server engineer at a hosting company. Although mostly a little less, I feel your pain 😞
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