Why does youtube keep suggesting videos I already saw?

Seriously, this must be what going insane feels like. Questioning whether I already saw a certain video every time something feels familiar and having Déja Vus all over the place. Youtube keeps digging out videos I watched a few years ago.

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    I think it helps to mark these videos as not interesting with the reason "already watched". That's a bit tedious though.
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    It might have been because you stopped watching said videos few seconds before the end or also because they don't have enough data on you. Happened to me after I took the time to mark as "not interested" hundreds of videos.
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    @kangalioo I was worried that I am then saying "I don't like this channel or content lkke this"
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    @kangalioo I was too, but after trying I can tell you that the recommended channels stay the same
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    @Jilano YouTube has been "forgetting" that I watched many videos I watched a long time ago. There isn't the red progress bar at the bottom anymore. Fortunately I have a decent memory for thumbnails and titles.
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    @kangalioo Thanks, then I will try that
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    @powerfulparadox Recently YouTube kinda reset my history and the red bar went away for probably all watched videos.

    They have issues.
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