Friend : Hey man lets watch world cup at 5.
Me: Sure why not, we will have a great time
Me: Leaves office early tho having bugs to fix
Me: starts watching the game at frds place slowly pulls up my pc
Frnd: Are you even watching the gamean, it was a goal now , did u see that , come on man
Me: ohh yeahhh goallll, goes back to vim
Game ends and he switches off the tv and stares at me for 20 mins,
Me: what hpnd man did the lights go off?

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    Ahh damn should have wrote a script to notify me wen ever there was a goal to cheer. And a timout for 90min
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    Damn man I would have felt super bad if I had been in your friend's shoes :D

    I hate football and I usually don't watch it but I never say no to friends asking to hang out a bit.
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    If you don't like football, why did you agree in the first place?
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    I did apologise to him profusely, and called him over to watch yesterday's quarterfinals, didn't touch my lap or phone, got three calls from devops team, just ignored.
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