Me trying to understand redux 🤢

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    I don't know about redux but it's the same how I felt when I was learning react.
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    @notAnkur redux is ten times harder. You have to set up like 4 files just to pass an object globally and update some components ... But it makes it "easier" to mantain large projects
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    Redux isn’t difficult to learn but it is REALLY easy to screw up and do wrong.

    Like React, it offers freedom, it basically gives you just enough rope to hang yourself.

    I am working on a project now (old code) where the Redux stuff is done so bad that we have to throw out to whole code.

    Some advice:
    - never use local component state (yes, others will argue. They are wrong)
    - only use “connect” functions on higher level components. Nesting connect functions leads to cascading state calls.
    - get the Redux dev tools! Without them your life is going to be shit.

    Good luck
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    FYI everyone I finally gave up went to mobx. Simply because i had two bosses breathing down my neck asking when am I completing the project. But im planning to put some extra me hours and learn the damn thing
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