About to have my first interview ever for a sw Dev position. Any advice? It's a co op job posted by my uni at a local start up (already has funding and a product).

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    most of the time with my experience, Data structure & Algorithm questions are a key part of a SE interview
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    Well... Can you handle the business side?
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    @darkterbear I highly doubt I'll be doing anything related to business
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    @beegC0de its a meme lol search it up it's great
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    If it's a startup, prepare to be extremely flexible and be ready to take responsibility.
    Other than that, be honest. That on its own landed me more jobs than anything else.
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    @darkterbear trying to lure poor saps into starting a business by pretending it's somewhat established?
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    @beegC0de yup, "you wouldn't wanna miss out on this resume building opportunity! We require 10 years of Swift experience, must be willing to work for no pay for first year"
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    My best advice about working for a startup is this...

    The words...

    “That’s not my job”

    Are a fireable offence.

    Good luck with the interview!
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