Such a small difference can make such a big difference.
sudo rm -R ./;
sudo rm -R /;

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    I actually use the top one periodically. I always check it like 10 times just in case
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    I use the top one sometimes too for clearing cache and such. Backups are important! lol.
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    Newer systems actually warn you of you really want to fuck shit up if you try the second one. My Debian at least does
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    To be safe, instead of ./, just write .
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    @j4cobgarby yeah...
    Why use the / when it makes no difference but increases chances of human error
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    @j4cobgarby Or better yet, don't remove your working directory. Just

    $ cd ..
    $ rm -r dir_name
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    @kenogo you'll still need the -f flag, most of the time
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    Even then you still need --no-preserve-root
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