MaterialUI? Is it shit?

A brand new code base. Old codebase (old employees) used MaterialUI, locking in a lot of the styling and layout in their grids.

I'm trying to identify the pros/cons that can come from experience using the framework.

Some questions to spark discussion:

Anyone used this in production for a period of time?

Did it hold up? Did the designers hate it?

How was mixing this with SASS etc.


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    1.React is shit (14k lines on package.json with MUI), Makes your website a hella heavier

    2. You can use an alternative (MaterializeCSS ...)
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    @moghir2004 Just want to clarify.

    Is this a knock on React in general? Or is a knock on the materialUI React package?

    I’m certainly leaning toward just using a material CSS (SASS on our side).

    React however, is the devil we are going to be dancing with in this situation. I’m pretty ok with it.
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    Material Ui is pretty heavy library every component you import adds up to it. I would advise you to use it wisely.

    MaterializeCSS is pretty great CSS only alternative.
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    Both. Look MUI is fine but a fucking hello world on react is 100MB what will you expect
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    @moghir2004 except it isnt? Lol
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    But be careful with materializeCSS, i got issue with dynamics forms, particulary with select.. for the rest it does the job well.
    @makarand it's not css only, a js file and jquery are needed i think
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    Yeah for some special items like date picker or model. For everything else its css only.
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    What about bulma and vue?
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