I am building a web application which is multimedia centric (mostly video chat). Text to Speech and vice versa.
I have chosen Node with mongoDb as backend API with React Frontend.
What stack would you suggest for such an application?

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    Little confused here really since you already mentioned your stack.

    What kind of recommendations are you looking for? Front end stacks? Backend stacks with node?(express, sails etc)
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    Backend. Have I made the right choice by choosing Node?
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    @ukabthebest are you confortable with it ? Are you sure you're gonna make it work ? If yes, sure a good choice.
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    Im comfortable with React and JS in general but havnt worked in node or mongodb before. So looking at it as a learning project as well.
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    Id choose java spark with redis(live data) and sqlite(persistent data). Probably vue?

    Mongo likes to lose db entries
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    depending on the size of user. in early stage,use whatever you like.
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    Thabks for the response guys. Helps a lot :)
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