*Me trying to store a game in a CD ~15 years ago*

1. Burning desktop link of the game into it.
2. Burning the .exe file only ...
3. Moving whole game folder into a CD ...
4. Installing something called DirectX. I remember, it should be in one of my CDs.
5. Playing the game.

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    Yes exactly how I used to do. DirectX 9.1 was required to run most of the game then. Cool memories.
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    I remember when I was using our house computer for the first time when I was a kid. It had xp and I accidentally deleted a shortcut but I thought I screwed it up and CRIED so much like I did the biggest crime in the world.

    My mom was telling me it's ok but I kept crying.
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    @YousifMansour oh that reminds me of the time I wanted to play a browsergame my friend showed me. Obiously you had to use an e-mail to sign up and I had no clue how any of that mail stuff worked, so I just used my mom's mail adress, since that was the only one I knew. Low and behold my mom got an e-mail from the game (who thought that) and asked me about it. At first I lied, but later at night I couldn't hold it anymore and sneaked down crying and told her.

    In the end she was fine with it and I showed her the game and I learned my first lesson in "just ask".
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