Bloody hell Microsoft, what have you done?!

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    I bet, next time i try that page it will say there is a pending update.
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    100% Maintenance Completed...
    Do not close the page.
    Site is loading...
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    Sshhh... Now people will bombard on your rant saying that the merger isn't complete yet and thus stop blaming MS

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    @rEaL-jAsE @Nitin1607
    Maintenance failed!
    Reverting back...
    Don't reload the web page
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    Because github never did any fucking maintenance before, sure
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    @Kimmax Didn't they? I've never had this happen before. All I know is that I'm inconvenienced right now, just as I began reading new documentation for a parser generator.
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    It is common boi
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    @rEaL-jAsE I had it happen at least twice before, while I'm pretty sure one was all of github, not just pages directly
    Use google cache or similar if you need it right now, or just their time to handle whatever they're doing
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    Funny, as I couldn't pull from bitbucket at that time either xD
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    Microsoft has no power until 2019...
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    Preview of windows update.
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    I laughed until I remembered that my "new tab" page was hosted there.
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    @Kimmax @rEaL-jAsE GitHub pages has been down for maintenance for me too before. Nothing new.
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    $ git conspire
    Command not found. Did you mean

    git cunt
    git justworkdangit

    Please try again
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