Taken a day off due to sickness, boss calls and said “can you fix an error on xyz website? it's urgent.”
I said No, I'm in hospital I can't. Even though I was at home.
He said “please look once whenever you'll reach home.”
Me: “sure.”
Idiot got no chill.

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    Time to change the boss.
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    @Floydian planning the same
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    Why lie and agree with him?

    Tell him you called in sick for a reason and that you cannot check it. To make him a bit less annoyed you couldntell him you will look into it when you are feeling a bit better.
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    @Codex404 if I told that I'm at home he would have called me several times. It's better to tell a lie.
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    @const then tell him to fuck off, you are sick and him calling doesnt help, it may even cause an extra sickday because of lack of rest. Be honest that way he might fight now but once that has been won he wont contact you again when you are sick.
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    @Codex404 will remember this next time
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