I mostly did backend until now but now I am trying to learn js to learn more of frontend programming. I have no problem doing html & css and I am even getting behind js but:

Why do I even need js frameworks?
Can’t I do everything in plain basic js?

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    you can do nearly everything with javascript if you like. But why go the hard way?

    One of the main reason of js frameworks is the model view control model who many frameworks use. That makes it easier to create single page applications. Websites who show the content based on api data.

    and have a look at vue... you write incredible less code with vue than with vanilla js. Because they took the best parts of each framework and combined it.
    Building a Serverless CMS Powered by Vue.js | CSS-Tricks
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    Its just the same thing you do when you use libraries/packages in python or other languages
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    @heyheni sounds nice, thank you :)
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