I hate responsive shit and the MF who coined it! It’s shit work, and I am tired of fucking doing it. Bootstrap sucks and still fucks up. FML!

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    Bootstrap sucks, try Bulma.io and learn to love responsive design. <3
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    @Vip3rDev Very interesting... :) Gonna give a try !
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    @illegaldisease if you check the site they have a "Coming from Bootstrap?" Section which does a great job of quickly showing you the major changes. Being a bootstrap guy it took me all of 20min to learn Bulma and I haven't gone back to bootstrap since!

    I love Bulma's practical implementation of grids. It works as one should expect grids to work.
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    @Vip3rDev I like how fair they compared Bulma with Bootstrap. Seems like Bulma.io uses flexbox oftenly, that means no internet exploler 8- support.

    Oh wait, who cares about IE ? :D When i have free time, i am gonna migrate my small website to bulma.
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