Exams are done, i passed some subjects that made me almost drop out.
Felt good. Now if i manage to do well again in exams i may finish the uni on time.
And now here it comes. One of my professors saw that i was coding my self in contrast of the 90% of other students, and with 2 more guys from my year, suggested us to his friend that owns a company, so we could work there.
I went there, talked about the team and the product we have to do and it seems that for now the only developers are me and 1 more girl and 1 more guy, all new commers, not even juniors.
Shiet. The team told us not to be worried since they will be our instructors and help us out and if we need more help they will hire a senior dev.
Not sure how i should react to that.
I do that mostly for experience so i can leave the country when im done with uni to go to estonia holland or finland.
One more thing, we still don't know what languages we will use and even though i told them that im pretty good with python they seem not to consider it at all. I'm the only one of the juniors that has actually made projects and coded on his own, not with university projects.
Also so that all other employees use windows machines.
Hope all that goes well.

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    Sounds risky for them, not for you (assuming you get paid even if you don't succeed).
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