I tried to get on Upwork and their reply was that react/JavaScript/angular/php developers are too common on their platform and that they do not need anymore at the time being. I don't know where to go from here with trying to become my own one man Shop any suggestions?I'm currently building 3-4 apps a year for my company and making not even half of what I would if there was no middle man.

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    I've done some upwork before but got really bitten a couple of times with payment where customers were changing up the agreement. Upwork seems like it protects you from this, but each time they went against their own terms/guidelines and sided with the buyer. Never again!

    At the moment my work comes through word of mouth, actually some of it having started from good upwork contracts. Twitter can be a good way to find some work, but it's really hit and miss!

    Good luck!
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    You couldn't register because your skills?
    The majority of projects on upwork uses those technologies.
    The main issue there, are the clients and scams. It's easy to find clients that want you to work on low rates, or the threat you saying they will not pay and leave you poor feedback to destroy your reputation.

    However, there are other similar sites, like hubstaff.

    To attract local clients, I suggest you do some marketing campaign in social networking, or sites where you can show off you work.

    Find clients, especially good ones, is the most challenging in being entrepreneur. But don't give up, if that is something you really want to.
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    @nanl yeah this was their response. I might try building my portfolio out more on the platform to prove my authenticity but ill also try hubstaff so thanks for the recommendation. I would like to get into local work too, i guess i want to try upwork to see if I can handle remote work with one on one client relations before taking the effort to redo my personal site and start marketing campaigns.
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    @nate oh wow dude that sucks, i hate to hear that but thanks for the heads up. I really would love to get to the point of having all the clients i need via word of mouth cause the shit im building right now is ridiculously complex and i hate the idea that everything im pouring in will be for nothing more down the road then the experience
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    Don’t use upwork. I never had to deal with that website but my girlfriend had some pretty bad experiences with clients. Like Nate said, Upwork always sides with the clients.
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    I had similar issue, I added multiple projects of mine and linked them through github.

    Later completed some of their tests on the topics related to my skills and voila!

    It worked. Account got approved!
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    @NeedAJob oh cool Ima do that then. I added descriptions but no links or anything
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    @Sauruz that sucks. I think I'm going s to try just small part time work on it to see how that goes
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