Has this been posted before? I dunno

But I think shit is hilarious.

If it has been posted before sorry, now fuck off and move along.

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    Ya it was but now that I saw it again, I wonder why it is visualized like that, I didn't reach the "pro" level in react, but wondering why, do you know?
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    @gitpush i think it means that no matter what level one gets in react we still find ways of screwing ourselves over. But the seniors do it the coolest.
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    @AleCx04 could be tbh
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    "Senior react" as in picked react up the moment it was released? Because missing a few months would make one barely medior level :):):):):):):):)purge javascript
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    @sharktits purge the one thing that helps me build the ui portion of the web? Naaah niuka, you just want to kill me with css admit it
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