This is the equivalent of fining an average person $5, if even that much. What a joke of a fine.

If you're going to fine someone, actually fine them for an amount that'll hurt a little bit.

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    Let’s be honest, they only wanted some cash
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    @devTea If I wanted cash and could almost get whatever I wanted, I'm going for at least £5 mil lol
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    That would kill my university...
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    In the UK, fines should be in terms of NHS hospitals. Fine Facebook the cost of building and staffing three hospitals!
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    Still, as far as I understand, the scandal wasn't Facebooks fault.
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    Best of all is that Facebook isn't even guilty. Don't get me wrong, I hate Facebook too for being a featureful piece of shit platform. But the developer API which that game thingy used was totally legit, users agreed to sharing their data with it (of course, being the filthy Fb users with subzero intelligence they are).. until that game developer chose to sell the collected data to Cambridge Analytica.

    That game developer and CA should be sued, not Facebook. This is once more proof of just how ignorant those Senate people are. Or if they aren't, this is really a nasty fucking money grab, especially when it's in the name of "serving justice to the big evil tech corporations".
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    @jerodev @Condor I 100% agree with you.

    I just have a personal disliking for miniscule fines for wealthy people/companies.
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    @Stuxnet me too. But then, there really shouldn't have been any fine to begin with :/
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    Fuck Facebook. They are dodgy, not just morally but legally. Fine the heck out of them, but I wish the fines would go to good causes (NHS in the UK).

    I know a few people who work at Facebook. Fuck them too IMO.
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