Everyone here seems to be hating java, but being a java dev I really like it! Java is a solid benchmark, sure there could be better languages and alternative ways to do stuff. But java will always be that complete package with a real sense of object orientation.

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    Once one sees other languages the way java handles things just seems so.... annoying. But I guess it depends what style one prefers also.

    When one knows a bit of coding and starts to learn java, the object orientation can be very frustrating and annoying. I know that it was annoying the crap out of me when I started learning java. It just took me a while to wrap my head around it.

    Now other languages seem so much... I dunno... cleaner? easier to read?

    Everything has it'S good and bad sides anyways.
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    @hasu I actually started with Java and so I have the opposite effect, but I agree there are other languages that are easier to read like Kotlin, which I now preferably use instead of Java.
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    People hate Java?
    Ok I guess I see some hate around here for it, but let me raise you; my little friend PHP, that guy has an entire bandwagon dedicated to it.
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    @C0D4 haha true that!
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    Sad thing is it's been stuck at 3 billion devices since 2005 or so
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    Java is a p.o.s. babysitter language and designed so terribly. It is a nightmare to code with and I refuse to do any work in it. PHP has issues but at least it puts the dev in control.

    Bad programmers like Java because it won’t let you do stupid things that you don’t know are stupid. Bad programmers hate PHP because they actually have to know wtf they’re doing to use it properly.
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    @devios1 Exactly. That's like automatic transmission vs manual transmission (I'm all about manual)
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