So people in my class don't know how to copy & paste with the keyboard. Most are 13 y/o and it's actually sad :D

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    Trust me, once you start seeing adults who have been developers for at least a few years and you see them doing right click copy, it'll blow your mind!
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    @IdolWotaP ahahahahaha
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    Side effects of touch technology 💀
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    @cursee I think its more the fact that most of their parents wont buy a pc for them.
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    This sort of posts make me wonder the average age of a devrant user...
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    @Cybork haha, yes but I know a few people who are even younger and do kinda the same as me
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    They will never make anything of themselves /s
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    @Cybork same here. I'm seeing more and more students and not in a "university" sense.
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    @dialup dude xD there are enough prejudices about devs, so...
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    y - yank
    p - paste

    It's so easy!
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