Finally a calm day att work, time to retreat into the datacenter

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    So from calm atmosphere into 80+dB fans all over the place and 30+°C atmosphere (depending on how the DC's cooling scheme is set)? Not something that I'd call a retreat, but to each their own :P
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    Its comfy 20 degrees. Our cooling is OP
    Noice cancellation phones also :)
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    Ooh, better than outside these days then even.. neat! :D
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    We have 28 degrees outside, been that since early may
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    @Linux 😰 in such weather I'd totally retreat into the DC as well, no matter the noise in there!
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    @Linux pr0n is disallowed here, you know 😏
    But damn, all those fiber cables, and the blinkenlights to make it ultra lit.. 🤤

    On the flip side, I'd really consider shortening those wires and cable managing them 🤔 but that's just my OCD kicking in I guess.
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    I wont waste time tinkering with the FC cables,
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    @Linux bah -.- let's just hope that they're well-documented for the next sysadmin.
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    We will just pull then anyway, only old people use SAN nowadays ;););)
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    @Linux true ;_;
    (meanwhile at age 21 I'm also using a 2TB SAN called fileserver within my Proxmox host... Yes, I'm an oldfag that doesn't like NAS.. T_T)
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    I do want a SAN thou :)

    We have started to run everything in Hyperconverged - much more stable
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