When spend hours trying to write that decorator class and then find out that there is already a package available for it.

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    Still, did you write it finally? Is always nice seeing your baby working as expected *insert lit meme*
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    @2lazy2debug I wrote it got the PR merged then my mentor gave me a link to the package and I had to delete the whole class and use that package in another PR. It increased my commit count but I did feel bad deleting that code.
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    @palash25 what a cunt. Try to recover it and publish finish it at home, you might have done a better job than the existing module and even if not, you should be proud.
    It’s like an artist that tries to get his own tint of brown and then the “mentor” comes and gives him a brown tube. Maybe your brown was more beautiful, ya know...
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    @2lazy2debug no no he is not a cunt actually he was helping me write it but then he noticed that the package already exist afterwards. And my mentor has always helped me out and has been a great teacher so far. It was really both of our's fault that we missed it.

    Its seriously no problem I will use it in some other project plus I got to learn a lot about dunder methods, and thank you for your concern and the ++
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    @palash25 oh well, in that case it’s nice for you, I just thought he just wanted to kill what you did and that’s it :) I see a lot of people bullied by supervisors and as I’ve got “training” with my boss and I always try to give advice
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    @palash25 it’s Not away it’s In git log.
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    @bcye Yeah I know that, what I meant was it's not used in the codebase anymore.
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