My eyes hurt everytime our backend guy gives me a new REST API to implement in our app and always the formatting of the json is something like this. Like why can't you just fucking format it properly so I won't have to look at my code and feel disappointed for writing such ugly code. All because your lazy ass didn't care to understand the fundamentals of how json objects and arrays work !!! It's been a month since I've joined this company and I'm tired of explaining why we should use the status code for failure checking and not this stupid pass/fail status flag. I don't even remember how many times I've brought it up but everytime I get reasons like "Dude, you know what our server is never going to go down or fail so it doesn't even matter". And at that point I feel like I shouldn't even argue with him anymore.

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    PS : This is after I scolded him for an hour for making it so difficult for me to traverse. Prior to the scolding it looked something like this.
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    Use graphql no under fetching or over fetching
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    Definitely agree with the status code. I can’t stand when I get an error message back from an API with a 200 status.
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    It depends on how you wanna go with.

    Facebook goes 200 and then handles the other part in payload.

    I use something alongside this


    success: true/false,

    message: "depends",

    payload: {someobj}


    imo its about agreeing about a style and building from that .
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