So our service has a 9% test coverage (that 9% was from me sneaking tests into my PRs, before I arrived there was only one test and it was assertTrue(True)) but they won't allow me to take some time to go and write the regression tests myself.

Now whenever I make a change to the service and I get asked how sure I am that I won't introduce regression I look them dead in the eye and say "9% sure". One day they'll get tired of it and let me write tests

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    That is actually a brilliant idea 😂
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    I don't know how people can work like that
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    @craig939393 I know how. I currently work without any tests besides ourselves monkey testing stuff and 'testing in production' (the #shipit #fixitlater method). It's terrible. But we simply can't find enough good devs for our growing market. We have so much maintenance to do! Even though we all believe in TDD, it's just too much to manage 10 substantial repos with 3 developers (in a team with 25 related repos and 8 developers)

    BTW: today I wrote 6 unit tests for a PR of mine. The first ever since doing production work in the past 1¾ year. Yesterday we decided we should 'just start' with the smaller tests and see where we go from there.
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    @eeee does TDD really result in slower work though? Maybe slightly?
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    I want that written on a tshirt!
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    @craig939393 yes, if you have to do it from scratch in a full blown code base with code that is written to work instead of being written to be testable...
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