I quite dislike the fact that Python is growing in popularity. It's a fun toy, but the syntax is so fucking annoying after a while. Forced indentation is certainly not my style. Furthermore, Python is generally not extremely performant, even as far as interpreted languages go.

I love python as a language but using it to work (Like... for money...?) seems very outlandish. It feels akin to scratch to me... very bizzare to think it is powering many complex AIs. Python is a toy.

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    It looks like a toy, but once you know it and how wonderful its library are, its just a pleasure to work with it.
    You can import everything, and once its loaded its child play to make it works.

    The future isn't in making things harder to be use, the future is in making tools that use previous works in the most user friendly possible.
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    Python is good for number crunching like things. It has its own usability. For sure we can't bring a needle to gun fight and a sword to stich clothes.
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    @hube just because he knows it it does not mean that he does not feel that way. He might have used it professionally against his will
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    Unpopular opinion. But one I agree with. I mostly feel this way with interpreted languages even though i make my living using them.

    I don't have a middle ground, i generally don't like a lot of things of every technology i use.

    Python for example...."there should be one and preferably one way to do things" yet no two flask projects are the same. Django solves this greatly for me...but I have seen some shit.

    I also dislike not knowing what things are. I greatly prefer static typing. Golang sort off fixes this for me, it is a language for stupid people and I am fine with that.
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    @AlgoRythm Forced Indentation is necessary. It's one of the features that makes a python code easiest to understand of all languages.

    As far as performance goes, it solely epends on the interpreter that u are using. cpython is quite slow but pypy is really fast. (In fact in a closely monitored experiment, pypy outperfomed C++ in some cases. google it)
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    Ruby! 😊
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    First of all: Python is NOT a toy. Not even by a long shot. It is a very stable tool, that performs well if you know when and how to apply it. It is not though a final solution for everything and everyone. People seem to have a problem with that concept anyway, i have seen a lot of shit in my day as well.

    Python is perfect for the scientific world. Python is perfect if you want a general purpose language for web dev, where you can pretty much code the whole backend and frontend in python. It is a great quick tool and as a "local" language, removed from the web world, it is pretty much unrivaled in its vast stuff of frameworks. Its integration with compiler languages like C++ provide a possibility to outsource the quick stuff and build the logic in python.

    Just look at the syntax. Its dead simple, rarely other languages are as readable as python.

    And last of all: It is fun to code in it, it is fun to use it. That is an aspect that many people seem to forget as well.
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    @hube Totally agree with you. The future of software development is more abstraction and easier to use languages and frameworks, that allow for even layman to apply it to their problems.
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    Welp, i use Python for selenium because of how easy it is to use. i made a Python selenium Discord bot and it was glorious.
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    Large websites/apps are made in python. For example YouTube, dropbox, google and Spotify all use python for some of their code.
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