When you work hard for something and you are sure that you gonna get it, but some ass licking guy who doesn't even know how to code gets it. Yes, it happened to me. I was working for an open source organization called PROBOT. I was working my ass off to get into GSoC with that organization. I created PR(pull request) after PR and solved most of their issues. But later on, I came to know they didn't even saw my single PR. Life surely teaches you some hard lessons but it's you who should not give up I would say. I do not regret working my ass off and writing those code and not getting into GSoC but I cherish those moments where I learnt many new things. And as for that organization, I would say they don't even know how to manage. This was my exact reaction when the result came

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    that gif captures that emotion perfectly
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    Those fuckin' cunts. I just saw their github org and it seems like a new organization. I don't think they are used to handling new contributors and lack experience in community building.
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    Been there. Worked hard, not noticed, some asshole who can't code comes with a smile, charms management, gets promotion, gets to make project decisions, ruins everything for everyone, gets out, we remain with the flames.
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